I love Starbucks

I love Starbucks. Granted, I haven’t been inside a Starbucks for many years with the exception of the colossal swollen bladder incident of ’05. But I love what they have created. Now, for all the … [more]

Blue Bottle Coffee - Oakland, CA

There’s an artesian micro-roasting simply company called Blue Bottle that produces some of the best beans on the west coast of the United States. They claim to take “freshness and small … [more]

Bodum® French Press

Forget about fancy drip coffee machines. They don’t come near the taste and fail to match the ease of use of the simple old fashioned French Press (cafitiere). The French press provides … [more]

Peet's Aged Sumatra

I am a huge fan of Peet’s Coffee. They are hands down the best coffee chain and, unlike others, they take their time and do the roasting right. Peet’s beans can be distinguished by their … [more]

Rum & Espresso Devil's Food Cake

In the midst of many instances where I have baked and recipes that I’ve created, fused together, or taken from a book have gone wrong, there comes a certain point where we, as culinary … [more]

Steamed milk

If you want a head of steamed milk to turn your coffee into a Latte but don’t want to pop of a fancy coffee maker follow this simple directions. Warm your milk (the microwave is acceptable) … [more]

Chili (flavor)

Add more dimension and flavor to chili stews by adding a pinch of instant coffee powder or unsweetened cocoa powder. [more]

Steamed milk

Now that you’ve mastered that perfect cup of coffee , you’re dreaming about topping it with a fluffy layer of steam milk. Forget about fancy steamers. I’ve wasted money on them and I can … [more]

Perfect cup of coffee

Throw out your fancy coffee maker! That’s what I did. For years I would buy endless varieties of coffee beans, but the honest truth was that I couldn’t tell one bean from the next. French roast, … [more]

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