Simple and sweet soy salmon recipe

Here’s a great recipe because it is so simple (It probably shouldn’t even count as a “recipe”). Yummy too. [more]

Pistachio-Miso Crusted Salmon

Is one whom eats fish, and only fish, as of recently from complete vegetarianism…still a vegetarian? THAT is the question. In the process of my many recent experimentations with fish…this … [more]

Fusilli Salmon

I first tasted a pretty good salmon pasta in a restaurant. It was a great idea with mediocre execution, so I went home determined to make this dish sparkle. This is a great little salmon dish that is … [more]

Chinese salmon steak

This recipe is a very fast dinner when you serve it with your favorite salad or steamed vegetables. The whole recipe takes only 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. Serves 4 [more]

Red Miso Ginger Glazed Salmon

The Japanese ingredients add flair to this recipe. It is a natural for fresh salmon. [more]

Poaching salmon

When poaching the salmon, do 50/50 white wine and water for a little more flavor. [more]

Salmon Cakes Diablo

This recipe has a little more “zing” than the common salmon cake recipe. It is also baked, as opposed to fried. [more]

Farmed Fish - fair or foul?

Conventional wisdom says that farmed fish is a dirty word, but farming can be a good thing. As a general rule of thumb if the fish is vegetarian than farming is probably good, if the fish is a … [more]

Salmon Fish Cakes

Has anyone got a good recipe for salmon fish cakes, possibly that can be cooked in an oven rather than pan fried, because I want to serve them hot to quite a few people? [more]

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