Puerto Rican bacaloa codfish & shrimp fritters

This is a variation of a traditional Puerto Rican appetizer, Bacaloa fritters, except, it includes shrimp. Simple to prepare and pleasing to the most complicated palate. [more]

Bluecoast Shrimp

My favorite shrimp recipe. It is easy and distinctive. Enjoy. Serves: 4 adults Cook Time: 5 minutes [more]

Pasta with Prawns

The other night I asked my daughter what we should make for dinner. We had guests coming over and I wanted to enlist her help. She is nearly six, but pretty good in the kitchen. She started with … [more]

Crisp Fried Shrimp

Succulent shrimp wrapped in wonton skins, then deep-fried, make a lasting impression on the fussiest of guests… [more]

Fried Rice with Prawns

Hello everybody, Here is a Chinese accompaniment which is probably one of the most popular of all…. give it a try! [more]

Firecracker shrimp

This festive appetizer, which is great for a Fourth of July gathering or a Chinese New Year celebration, looks just like a firecracker. In China firecrackers light up the sky on New Year’s Day. … [more]

Windows on the World Broiled Shrimp with Feta Cheese

One of the many losses to New York City and the world on 9-11 was a great restaurant called Windows of the World on the 107th floor of number one World Trade Center. At lunch time it was a club not … [more]

Spiced Coconut Shrimp with Tangy Orange Dipping Sauce

I adapted this recipe that my chef friend, Chris, passed along to me.This has become one of my favorites. The spices counter balance the sweetness of the coconut. When this is dipped into the orange … [more]

Gambas al ajillo y chiles

This is an essential tapas dish of prawns (shrimp in the US) in garlic and chilli — well I hope it is; my Spanish is somewhat dubious. I’ve seen it on some menus as Gambas al pil-pil , … [more]

Pickled Shrimp

This is a great alternative to the classic shrimp cocktail. You’ll definitely want to have bread on hand to sop-up the sauce. Be warned that you need to let this sit in the refrigerator 7 to 8 … [more]

Kid's kokonut kitchen soup

Many moons ago, my husband and I ate at the same Thai restaurant week after week. I was inspired to create an easy Thai dish my kids could help me with, and one they like to eat. [more]

Shrimp, frozen or fresh

According to Alton Brown , our beloved TV chef, unless you are sure the shrimp is today’s catch, only buy frozen shrimp. Alton says, “Ice block shrimp is best, but individually frozen is … [more]

Wok fried rapini and shrimp

Here is a really tasty, really fast, and really simple dish that you can prepare when time is of the essence. It is light, and the fresh bold flavor of the rapini blends perfectly with the ginger, … [more]

Champagne & shrimp risotto

This is a great, simple and delicious risotto recipe. It is easy to prepare provided you are willing to spend the 20 or so minutes required to be standing by the stove top stirring. But the results … [more]

When is a prawn a shrimp?

I have seen that some of you guys across the pond call a shrimp a prawn. What’s the deal with that? I know it’s a little bit odd that we have jumbo shrimps… do you call jumbo shrimps prawns? Let [more]

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