Chinese cooking

Chinese marinade for pork, chicken or beef

This marinade is ubiquitous in Chinese cuisine. A marinade such as this can’t really be prescriptive. It will vary depending on your taste, quantity of meat, etc… but it will get better … [more]

Wonton Soup

In the west, Wonton soup is probably the most famous of all Chinese soups. The wonton dumplings can be prepared ahead of time, dusted with cornflour, and kept in the fridge - or for bulk runs, frozen … [more]

Pan fried potsticker dumplings

Children love dumplings and this recipe is a favorite in our family. Keep uncooked dumplings in the freezer on hand for steaming, boiling or frying. They are also great in soup. You may use ground … [more]

Chinese salmon steak

This recipe is a very fast dinner when you serve it with your favorite salad or steamed vegetables. The whole recipe takes only 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. Serves 4 [more]

Honey, I blew up the Duck

Growing up as a Chinese-American in Minnesota in the ‘70s was, at times, completely bizarre. First, there was the lack of clubs or organizations for people like us so we joined the Jewish Community … [more]

Succulent and easy Chinese beef and broccoli

She’s gonna to kill me, the missus. She says there are some things that are just too good to share. Culinary secrets, she calls them. But her broccoli and beef is too good not to share. After … [more]


A wok is basically a round bottomed pan, although in recent times flat bottomed woks have become available. The wok is the cornerstone of the Chinese kitchen, being used to cook almost everything. … [more]

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