Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

This is the recipe that I referenced in my Gotta Have Gumbo story. Like I said, this is a pretty vague recipe and I will give it to you as I got it, as well as adding what I changed. Here goes… … [more]

Gotta Have Gumbo

Ever had one of those moments when a craving hits, and then someone just happens to mention the item you are craving, and then, miraculously, they are making just such a dish on your favorite cooking … [more]

The Best Creole/Cajun Food in LA

The best cajun/cerole food in LA is actually in Hermosa Beach. This is the place to go if you want real, home cooked, authentic Nawlins cuisine. A family owned spot, the chef/owner was born a raised … [more]

Authentic Chicken Gumbo

My family lived in Louisiana for 5 years when I was young, right on Bayou LaFourche in REAL Cajun country, south of New Orleans. The food, the people, and the environment were so unique it was like … [more]

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