Meyer Lemon Gin Fizz

This is a really nice varaition of the Silver Gin Fizz recipe which you can make anytime Meyer lemons are in season. This is a naturally smoother than the standard version as the Meyer lemon blends … [more]

Silver Gin Fizz

Dry gin came of age in the golden era of the cocktail, and in the ’30s and ’40s there were more gin cocktails than any other kind. Among those hundreds of gin drinks is the Gin Fizz, … [more]

Bitter Martini

The martini wasn’t always the dry creature that it is today. Perhaps it has suffered its only little variant of global warming, becoming increasingly parched with the passing of time. Here is a … [more]


Here’s a cocktail for those who need a little something extra to get them through the Easter holiday. [more]

Mulled wine

This is a traditional British drink that’s perfect for warming yourself and any guests on chilly days. It’s typically served during the holiday season in Britain, and makes a delicious … [more]

Singapore Sling (original)

Initially intended as a woman’s drink, the original was created by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender at Raffles Hotel, Singapore (1915). Now very popular and enjoyed by all, it was a favorite of the … [more]

Tom Collins (traditional)

Originally attributed to John Collins, a headwaiter at Limmer’s, a hotel and coffee house on Conduit Street, London (1790-1817). The name changed when a bartender used a sweeter London gin (Old Tom … [more]

Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is a cousin to the Collins, the difference is that it is always shaken, not built. [more]

Gimlet (traditional)

Named after a small boring tool that was used to tap holes into cask and barrels. Far from being a “boring” pre-dinner drink, it is quite sharp. [more]


Named for American artist Charles Dana Gibson at the Player’s Club in New York, NY in 1940. Rumor has it the bartender ran out of olives when making a martini so he used a peal onion. The onion … [more]

Gin Martini (traditional)

This is a traditional martini that is stirred with just a fragrance of vermouth. [more]

Gin and tonic

This was not one of my preferred cocktails, but after a recent dinner party where g and t’s were served to one and all, I was converted. Everyone claims to know how to make a gin and tonic. I … [more]

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