What is the best rum for making mojitos?

I just read a great recipe for Mojitos and I am thinking about making them for our holiday party. What is the best rum to serve? I want to impress my guests with a delicious cocktail but not break t [more]

Rigermortis Halloween Cocktail

A Drink to Die For The Rigermortis is a good, “stiff” drink that has the power to lay you out, stone cold, on the floor. (Well, it will if you drink too much of this delicious milkshake-like … [more]

Piña Colada

Real men may not drink Piña Coladas — at least not in public. There is something about this creamy concoction that simply can’t be dismissed as another frilly sweet drink. So when the … [more]

Between the Sheets Cocktail

A great aperitif for any dining occasion this drink is a variation of the popular sidecar . [more]

Cuban Peach

You don’t have to be a hot-blooded Latino to enjoy the simple pleasure of the sweet Cuban Peach. This rum, peach brandy, and lime cocktail makes for a great tag-a-long for the last trip to the … [more]

Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail

This is the traditional drink of the Preakness stakes. This is served at the Pimlico race track. It is the drink of choice for the Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Stakes. [more]


There is nothing like a good mojito. A wonderful drink anytime fresh mint is available. [more]

Rum & Espresso Devil's Food Cake

In the midst of many instances where I have baked and recipes that I’ve created, fused together, or taken from a book have gone wrong, there comes a certain point where we, as culinary … [more]

Planter’s Punch (original)

This drink was created to celebrate the opening of the Myer’s Rum Distillary (1879), Jamica. [more]

Mai tai

Pointing out that tiki-type drinks have the potential to be more dangerous than other kinds of drinks doesn’t really add anything new to the world’s collective knowledge, but I … [more]

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