Cucumber and basil martini

A martini is never going to be a tame drink – there’s just too much power in the barely diluted alcohol – but this lovely version is aromatic and elegant. It’s a huge favourite at our … [more]

Bitter Martini

The martini wasn’t always the dry creature that it is today. Perhaps it has suffered its only little variant of global warming, becoming increasingly parched with the passing of time. Here is a … [more]


Although James Bond would never order this metrosexual martini, there are plenty of John Dorian types who consider this to be a man’s drink. I think Dorian is a pretty funny guy, and every once … [more]

Vanilla/Lime Martini

This is a variation of a Key lime Martini. I like this one with the vanilla infused vodka and no milk based product often found in some Key Lime Martinis. [more]


Here’s a cocktail for those who need a little something extra to get them through the Easter holiday. [more]

Sake Vodka Martini

I was first introduced to this incredible libation at a sushi restaurant in Boston. Rather than vermouth, the bartender substituted sake and instead of olives, a thin slice of cucumber was floating … [more]

Vodka Martini

Similar to its cousin, the gin martini but with vodka and is shaken. I find it is the ideal cocktail to cap the end of long week and kick off a leisurely weekend. [more]

Gin Martini (traditional)

This is a traditional martini that is stirred with just a fragrance of vermouth. [more]

Striking Writer Martini

Here’s an idea for all of you mourning the cancellation of the Golden Globes. Put on a fancy dress or a tuxedo to suit your gender, mix this fabulous cocktail and toast both the absent victors … [more]

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