Easy peasy pasta sauce

My wife made up this sauce for the kids which is pretty cool as she is usually a recipe by numbers kinda gal. They didn’t like any of the tomato sauces we purchased or any that I made — … [more]

Carbonara alla Angela

Some years ago, I travelled to Northern Italy with my daughters (they were three at the time). We stayed in a wonderful, 15th century villa not far from Verona. It was my first time in Italy, and I … [more]

Fettuccini carbonara

Consider this Italian comfort food. It is the perfect dish for a rainy Sunday that’s got you feeling blah. It’s even better on a Murphy Monday when everything thing that could go wrong … [more]

Lemon spaghetti

I can’t remember the origin of this recipe. All I know is I have been cooking it for years and I never tire of it. We all should have a repertoire of recipes that fall into the … [more]

Simple pasta with tomatoes and garlic

I used to have a funny relationship with pasta. I loved it almost above all food, and yet I was frequently too scared to cook it. I think it all went a bit belly-up for me after visiting Italy for … [more]

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