Cutting against the grain

Great! A steak recipe calls for cutting against the grain. What the heck does that mean? How do I do that? The answer is simple. Imagine a piece of wood with clear lines in it. The lines are all … [more]

Summer flank steak

There’s something about this recipe that just works on hot summer days. Granted there’s no law against making this on cool winter nights. Maybe it’s the limes, which remind me of margaritas , … [more]

Jose jr’s ribs

Growing up in a kosher household, pork ribs were strictly off limits, except when eating at a Chinese restaurant. I don’t know why, but somehow a gathering of Talmudic Scholars had arranged a … [more]

Skirt steak with salt and pepper

Skirt steak is a terrific and distinctive cut of beef with a really nice rich nutty flavor that needs little seasoning. The steaks are thin and long and they cook fast over a high heat. Best of all, … [more]

Succulent and easy Chinese beef and broccoli

She’s gonna to kill me, the missus. She says there are some things that are just too good to share. Culinary secrets, she calls them. But her broccoli and beef is too good not to share. After … [more]

Late summer flank steak

Andrew’s summer flank steak is one of my favourite recipes. I love it’s simplicity and its reliability. In my opinion it cannot be bettered. This alternative is a suggestion for change … [more]

Country Dumplings

These dumplings are our version of gravy and are a standard at my family’s holiday meals. They’re better than plain-old gravy…! They’re NOT like other dumplings - they are not … [more]

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