Farmed Fish - fair or foul?

Conventional wisdom says that farmed fish is a dirty word, but farming can be a good thing. As a general rule of thumb if the fish is vegetarian than farming is probably good, if the fish is a … [more]

Frozen Fish

Frozen fish can be a good thing so pay no heed to the myth that fresh is necessarily best. Think about it. Fish is often caught way out in the ocean by a trawler that’s out to sea for weeks at … [more]

Greek roasted halibut

I am addicted to buying cookbooks. This recipe is a happy amalgamation. It’s delicious, healthy and pretty easy to prepare. The accompanying corn salsa can take the place of preparing a … [more]

Sole with beurre blanc

My father and I often take a day trip to France. We set out early in the morning from North London and drive onto a train in Folkestone for the 20 minute channel tunnel crossing. A couple of hours in … [more]

Fish pie

My mother was insistent that my siblings and I ate plenty of fish in our formative years. Apparently my first solid food was cod roe which she thought helped brain development. I don’t know about … [more]

Pan-fried fish

Apparently fish is good for you – that is if it doesn’t kill you first. The good news is the oil in fish not only makes you live longer, but it also makes your offspring smarter. No kidding, … [more]

When is a steamed fish ready?

I cooked a sea bass using the excellent Chinese method of steaming. This involved placing the entire fish on a plate on a trivet in a covered wok. Part of the appeal here is visual (you bring the plate to the table with the fish intact). [more]

Fish Sautéed With Tomatoes And Cinnamon

One of the major changes our daughter has definitely brought to our lives is that to our eating habits. I grew up in Kazakhstan, where no matter who cooked or what the dish was called, you could bet … [more]

Salmon Fish Cakes

Has anyone got a good recipe for salmon fish cakes, possibly that can be cooked in an oven rather than pan fried, because I want to serve them hot to quite a few people? [more]

Louvar Fish

I just had a fish called Louvar that was absolutely terrific. Does anybody know anything about this fish? I believe it comes from Hawaii. [more]

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