Peter Marks

United Kingdom

I’ve been messing about with computers and writing software since I was a kid (which is a while ago now). Like my friend and serial business partner David, I also love to cook and eat. So when Andrew and John came to us with the idea of building a food website, we couldn’t resist.

I’m very much an instinctive cook. I rarely follow recipes, relying more on thinking about what would add the taste I’m looking for. Usually it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. The down side of this, of course, is that when it is really great, I can’t remember exactly how I did it so that I can do it again.

I like to grill and barbecue and most of the rest of what I do is in a pan or a wok. I’m not big into deserts or baking — chemistry was never my subject. I’m also renowned in certain circles for my cocktail making… I really should publish some.

If you have any comments about the site or anything I’ve put up, do contact me or post a message in the forum.