London, United Kingdom

If it smells ok, eat it.

Hey David. What’s flake?

It’s hot enough for ice cream with a flake. Where is an ice-cream van when you need one? There should definitely be a dial-an-ice-cream service… it would make a mint-choc-chip for sure.

I have eaten too much this weekend. Again.

Apple or chocolate?

The problem of working on a website devoted to food is that I am thinking about food all day! It’s a little after 11.30am and already my brain is focusing on what will make a decent dressing for the salad I know I will eat in an hour or two. I wonder if people who work in a bank think about their money all day?

Having just released the new people features of GreatGrub, I feel like I have earned myself a good cafe lunch. Sometimes nothing beats a good fry-up with a big mug of tea.