London, United Kingdom

If it smells ok, eat it.

I cooked a really good steak last night seasoned only with salt and pepper. I am so off rubs at the moment.

I went to Starbucks and had the “light” blend. I took a swig, spluttered and spewed it out all over my magazine. Now that’s what I call coughee.

How not to dress a salad

I ate at a lovely Italian restaurant last night (Cafe Delfino just off the Pacific Coast Highway). I couldn’t resist the buratta served on a bed of rocket with baby heirloom tomatoes with a balsamic dressing. The dish arrived with, as I would have expected, a glorious mound of gooey cheese on top of the salad. The cheese had been drowned in dressing, none of which had fallen below on to the leaves. I flipped it and, using my fork, made it dance around the salad to coat the leaves and dry out the buratta a litle.

Come on chef! Dress the salad first.

Last night I ate a dish cooked by Andrew that I presumed I wouldn’t really like much.

It was definitely the best thing I had eaten since Sunday night.

The lesson here is don’t presume… just eat.

Oh, and Andrew, you better share the recipe!


May I ask if you sent it back?

Last night I had an early dinner at one of my favourite LA restaurants (Locanda Portofino). I ordered spaghetti alla vongole (with clams). To my amazement, the clams had been washed in tap water and were overwhelmingly flavoured with chlorine. What a disappointment. Chefs should know better.

I had lunch today with Lyonsy and Andrew. We sat in the corner of Armandine (which deserves a recommendation) for 2 hours eating and talking food. A dozen and more stories were exchanged. This is how lunch (or breakfast or dinner) should be.

I was asked today where one might find the best burger in LA. I replied at home.

Bangers, mash and beans. Need I say more?

OK, and a 21 year-old Caol Ila with just a drop of water.

Sleep well.

White water

You can get milk in American coffee houses (and supermarkets too) called 2%. I think that correlates to the chances of me drinking it.

Pork is underrated.

Last night I ate two jacket potatoes drowned in grated cheddar cheese.

Sometimes the simple things in life are just so good I wonder why I bother complicating things so much.

I am the guilty cook, but in my defense I will have you know that there was not a bite left. Also for the kids I made my Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese.

I wanted to keep the birthday party simple. A teenager from up the block came and played guitar and sang his self styled indi-rock and a good time was had by all. My only disappointment was the lack of leftovers.

Who ever heard of a blue moon rocket salad at a five-year old’s birthday party.

I’ll tell you what… it went down a treat with the adults while the kids munched on pigs in blankets. Inspirational stuff.

Sitting with an inspirational friend just now who has been sharing with me his approach to hangovers. He prepares “tomorrow’s food” the day before and has different recipes for the severity of hangover he anticipates he will have “tomorrow”. I think he needs to share his knowledge with all of us!

Aaaah… an ice cold beer before dinner on a hot day.

Makes me come over all John Mills.

I cooked a carbonara for lunch today. Foolishly, I used fresh spaghetti. It just doesn’t work with the fancy stuff.

I was given rice… it had been microwaved in a bag. Then I had a slice of pre-made apple pie, microwaved, served with cream. Then I was offered a lump of dark chocolate sandwiched between two rich tea biscuits. I enjoyed the whole experience.

I need to be flogged or something.

oh yes and don’t forget to ad a splash of balsamic vinaigrette in your bloody mary!