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Julia's thighs

I am more of a thighs man. You can keep your breasts. I tasted Julia’s thighs on Saturday night and I couldn’t get enough of them. Thankfully, she has agreed to let me share them with you … [more]

Carrot cake muffins

I love carrot cake. Now I can also claim to love carrot cake muffins. My good friend, Kathy, made these for our children to decorate at a recent play date (of course, the kids ate more sprinkles than … [more]

Hilario - Cuban lamb shanks

Hilario Bell is the percussionist with Tiempo Libre, a Cuban band with a penchant for great food! He has shared this simple and succulent recipe with us at GreatGrub which we recommend with an … [more]

Tomato soup

A good friend and fussy eater asked me to cater a dinner at his house that had to include tomato soup (ideally with basil). I had never felt the need to make tomato soup being rather partial to a can … [more]

Poached fish in milk

I make no apologies for this simple recipe. This is food the way my mother made it to feed a huge, hungry family. To me, this is as comforting as it gets. It is a culinary heirloom that I hope my … [more]

Heirloom potatoes

Three sumptuous-looking fillets of cod sat on my kitchen counter and all I could think of was my mother. In a made-for-TV moment, the wall in front of me blurred, some jingly-ghostly music played in … [more]

Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday afternoon breaks into evening and I am sitting down to a roast, mum’s roast potatoes , a mandatory double serving of veg and a jug of gravy poured over my crisp, chewy (intentional … [more]

Mum's honey cake

The Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) is one my favourite festivals. In no small part this is down to the food associated with it. To usher in a sweet new year, we get to eat lots of sweet stuff … [more]

Spiritual dogma

These days any bartender in any bar who can put some ice in a glass and throw in a mixer with abandon gets to call themselves a maker of cocktails. Pity the customer who seeks a quality drink. How is … [more]

Creamy salad dressing

I was asked to prepare a salad with a dressing that was a creamy-frenchy vinaigrette sort of thing . I am not the most creative when it comes to dressings (I nearly always opt for a balsamic and … [more]