On a cold and frosty morning...

I love my mother’s porridge, despite the fact you can fill the cracks in your walls with it. She uses a generous pinch of salt for flavour and cooks it with water alone (milk can be added by … [more]

Layered frittata

I’ve been playing with idea of layering a breakfast frittata and have been enjoying every experimental bite. Here’s my recipe and I encourage you to improvise and make this recipe your … [more]

Vanilla-Poppy and Sour Cream Muffins

These dense, rich almost pound cake-like muffins are great to serve guest for the morning wake up or for afternoon break with tea or cofffee. [more]

Bay's English Muffins

There are lots of English muffins in the market, but only this one satisfies me. It is light and crispy, and has gazillions of “nooks and crannies” for the good stuff to get stuck in. … [more]

Mango Jam

It is August 2007 and the mangos are finally perfect. After tasting and testing over the past several weeks, the beauties from Mexico are finally ready. They must have perfect taste and texture to go … [more]

Tomato and Mozerella Omelette

Here’s a simple and tasty omelet that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or any lazy morning spent reading the paper with classical music wafting in the background. I highly recomend enjoying this … [more]

Sugar Dusted Doughnuts

Doughnuts always taste better fresh, warm and doused with sugar. This recipe makes about two dozen. [more]

Mini chocolate banana muffins

Seriously. I’m the laziest cook on the planet and have gotten pretty good at finding really easy recipes that get raves. Jugding by how quickly these muffins would disappear at board meetings … [more]

Leonard’s father’s day rolls

I made these rolls for my father-in-law, hence the name. I wanted to make something special that takes a little time and care (something different for this fast pace world). By letting them rise … [more]

Sour cream pancakes

My father-in-law grew up eating sour cream pancakes every weekend, and continues the tradition to this day. Every weekend in summer you can find him in the kitchen of his East Hampton country house … [more]

Perfect cup of coffee

Throw out your fancy coffee maker! That’s what I did. For years I would buy endless varieties of coffee beans, but the honest truth was that I couldn’t tell one bean from the next. French roast, … [more]

Ricotta pancackes

I don’t like traditional breakfast food. The genre’s limitations — eggs, flour, milk, syrup — bore me. I don’t understand why you have to wait until lunch to start … [more]

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