Heirloom potatoes

Three sumptuous-looking fillets of cod sat on my kitchen counter and all I could think of was my mother. In a made-for-TV moment, the wall in front of me blurred, some jingly-ghostly music played in … [more]

Too much of a good thing

There are many, many wonderful things about being with Raschinna. Beauty, brains, class, drive and an accent (St. Vincent in the Grenadines by way of Brooklyn) that I heard an admirer claim he could … [more]

Potsticker Poser

I felt like a Firecracker Shrimp fraud. A Potsticker poser. I had been invited to be a guest chef at a prestigious festival held at a swanky, mountain resort. This was the first time I would be doing … [more]

When life gives you lemons, don’t add milk

In my childhood summers that were boring, yet amazing, I often sold overpriced lemonade with the sun blazing. But my first try at making the sweet drink Would not be as successful as one would think … [more]

Hanging with the Peeps

My friend’s twelve year-old daughter had been asking me to show her how to make homemade marshmallow peeps. So, the Saturday before Easter, my kitchen was transformed into peep central. All the … [more]

The humble cracker

Food does have a magical influence on people and it seems — sometimes — of all ages. Just tonight, my 17-month old daughter, Lucy, tasted a butter cracker for the first time. Not since … [more]

Heart-Pounded Chicken

Damn you, St. Valentine. Wasn’t it explicitly understood that Roman soldiers couldn’t marry? Didn’t Claudius II publicly declare that he would execute any priest who brazenly defied his rule? … [more]

My favourite food

Hello. Here are all my favourite foods. My number one best food has to be watermelon. It’s so sweet and juicy! I love the way you take a bite, then feel the watermelon juice roll down your … [more]

Give the boy a drink

I was seven when I first drank Sangria. It is worth a story. My dad bought one of those VW campers (where the roof extends upwards to reveal a couple of beds and the seats below morph into a large … [more]

Out of the kitchen...

My dad held a belief that when a relationship comes to an end you let it go. He insisted no good can come from staying friendly with an ex. On a memorable occasion, some time in 1988, I remember … [more]

They eat what we eat

As far as I am concerned my two little girls are complete and total hellions. Tennessee Williams coined a phrase just for the two of them when he penned “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Clearly he was … [more]

For the love of food...

Years ago I was dating a beautiful woman. We were young and I was nervous. I knew that I didn’t want to blow things because I had a sense I was onto something good here. So the early encounters … [more]

Hallah Recipe in Benin, Africa

Subject: My First Shabbat in Benin, making Challah in Africas: Using a gift book, A Day Apart: Shabbat at Home, from My Cousin I would like to share this story with you: (I admit, it turned out to be … [more]

Bachelor Soup

Sheila, my wife, was away on a course over a full week-end. I was left to look after the five kids. Cooking for them was basic standard and probably not up to GreatGrub level. There was nothing … [more]

The life of a pot roast

Growing up we were all served certain dishes on a regular basis. This one brings back fond memories for me of cold days, delicious aromas throughout the house, and great variety in eating the same … [more]

Things to Relish and to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am sure that all of us have some great memories and stories. I for one, would like to see, hear, laugh and commiserate with you. It seems like everyone … [more]

Honey, I blew up the Duck

Growing up as a Chinese-American in Minnesota in the ‘70s was, at times, completely bizarre. First, there was the lack of clubs or organizations for people like us so we joined the Jewish Community … [more]

No secrets

My Auntie Fay made the best apple strudel I have eaten. She took the recipe to her grave, as far as I know. I used to ask her each time I saw her how she made it, but she refused to divulge her … [more]

Hold on to your food

I was asked recently why I eat quickly and hunched over my food in a quite protective fashion. I had not noticed this behaviour and reflected on why this might be so. I figured it out in less time it … [more]

My dad eats tripe

My father has been writing his biography for some months now. From time to time he passes extracts to me which I have read to my children. I think he writes for them and his other grand-children … [more]

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