This Spicy North African soup is often served during Ramadan, the Muslim religious festival in which followers fast during the daytime for a month. [more]

Roast asparagus

I love the asparagus season in England. It only lasts a few weeks but during this time they taste especially wonderful. I never want to do too much with my asparagus. A little melted butter works … [more]

Traditional salsa verde

Here’s a traditional Salsa Verde. It goes well with grilled steak, grilled pork, tacos, fish and as a dip with chips to name but a few possibilities. [more]

Roasted salsa verde

Salsa verde is one of my favorite sauces. I like roasting because it adds depth to recipe, but also adds flecks of black in finished product. It’s all about taste, who cares! makes approx. 3 … [more]

Moroccan chickpea soup

My buddy Eric’s the kind of bachelor that considers a powerbar a good lunch. So when he offered to cook up this great soup recipe he’d come across, I politely demurred. The biggest selling factor … [more]

Mum's roast potatoes

Friday nights at my childhood home were something to behold. My mother (who despite working a long day) came into her culinary own. The menu, chopped liver, egg and onion, chicken soup, roast chicken … [more]

Jorge's black beans with rice

Who knew Jorge could cook? I never would have guessed that this ladies man had it in him. In fact I was teasing him about having to bring something that reminded him of home to our Thanksgiving … [more]

Cooking and eating with a vegan

Help. My college age daughter has gone vegan on me. I am trying to honor her choice by cooking with her every Sunday. I found a great miso pesto recipe here. Can anyone recommend some good recipes for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy together. [more]

Cooking Vegan

Help! My wife wants me to cook for an important business client and his wife. They are super nice but they are vegan. I am at a loss at what to cook. Vegan means that I can’t use any animal products and that wipes out much of my arsenal of favorite recipes. [more]

Cold Vegetable Medley Salad

This recipe should be prepared 12-24 hours in advance and is served chilled. The Medley can be used as a side, but is also very good for snacking. It goes great with just about any meal and has … [more]

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