Spiced Cider Dressing

This sharp dressing gives a tang to salads without too much oil. [more]

Garam Marsala (Wet Paste)

This a paste version of garam marsla . Itis great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Garam Marsala (Dry)

“Garam” is the Indian word for warm or hot. There are many variations of this blended spice and many families have their own blend. This spice blend is great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Pasta with Miso Pesto

I am trying to expand my vegan recipes. So, I asked one of my chef friends and he said this was great tossed with pasta. He attributes this recipe to the Vegetarian Times. [more]

Bean sprout, blackberry and avocado salad

Is this fusion food? Somewhere between Asia and South America with a stop off in England? Has all this recipe publishing got me all fancy and chefy? Who cares? This is a great hearty yet light salad … [more]

Lime and sesame dressing

A wonderfully smoky, zesty dressing that completely lifts a woodier salad such as one with bean sprouts, spinach or aubergine (egg plant). [more]

Orange Chili Oil

This is a smoky, citrus version of the Asian oil. This is great for general cooking and dim sum. Also goes great for salad dressings . [more]

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad w/ Orange Chili Oil

This is a nice light salad. I make my own chili oil because I like to control the slighty, smokey citris with the grapefruit and avocado. But you can always use store bought chili oil, found in the … [more]

Fresh Roasted Beet & Mint Salad

This is a great salad with roasted pork or lamb. It is also great as a light appetizer. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian this nice colorful salad. [more]

Rocket and Watercress Salad

Here’s a simple salad that has a nice taste of pepper and a dressing that is as quick and easy to make as it is to shake a bottle of the cheap pre-made stuff. [more]

Steamed Broccoli

Of all the vegetables in all the world, broccoli is surely the most maligned. This succulent stalk need not be drowned in a heavy sauce or boiled into oblivion. Rather a luxurious steam bath will … [more]

French Burnt Peanuts

I always found these nuts irresistable. The crunch of the sugar coating into the taste of the peanuts is a great contrast. This recipe makes about 2 cups. [more]

Israeli Couscous

Here’s a great side that compliments many a main course. I’m in love with this toasted couscous because of it’s flavor and size. Israeli couscous is larger than regular couscous and … [more]

Vegetarian Groundnut Soup

The specialty ingredients in this african influenced soup are worth the hunt. Makes about 4 servings. [more]

Kalamata Olive Spread

This is a Spainish version of an olive spread as opposed to a Provencial tapenade . This recipe makes about 1 cup. [more]

Tomato Salsa

Freshness counts for a lot and this salsa is no exception. This is simple and basic, but, feel free to “doctor” it up anyway you like. Makes about 1 cup. [more]

Artichokes with mint and garlic

Your chokes are choking on steam! Let them drink wine, garlic and mint! Want to stop steaming your artichokes? Blow off some steam in just a few minutes, with this tasty side dish. Can be made with … [more]

No bean hummus

This is a great way to make your own hummus without cooking! It’s easy, fast and packed with protein from the sesame tahini. I make a batch every week and serve it over rice and beans, or with … [more]

Creamy Homemade Hummus

Hummus is a staple at my house. It’s great for last minute guests or something quick to ward off hunger. Makes about 3 cups. [more]

Lebanese Bread

I love good hummus and contrary to David’s opinion (see his recipe “ Posh humous” ) fresh hummus is better than store bought and you get a better deal than those over-priced tuna … [more]

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