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Heirloom Bloody Mary

To be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of the Bloody Mary but I loved the look of it so I started experimenting with the drink and I finally came up with one that I love!! I have made it … [more]


This is a traditional chaser for tequila. Sangrita literally means, “little blood”. This recipe makes about 1 quart. [more]

Mexican Caesar Cocktail

I’m a big fan of the Caesar , but being from Southern California I couldn’t resist substituting tequila for vodka. Et tu Brute? Not that I loved vodka less, but I loved tequilla more. The … [more]

Caesar clamato cocktail

Don’t dismiss this Canadian pick-me-up as a Bloody Mary with clam juice. Okay… Okay… Maybe it is just a Bloody Mary with clam juice. But it’s so much more! Originally, this drink was a true … [more]

Bloody Mary

There is nothing quite like a Bloody Mary the morning after the night before or, indeed, on any morning. My favourite occasion for a Bloody Mary is Christmas morning. I find it takes the edge off the … [more]

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