Bloody Mary

There is nothing quite like a Bloody Mary the morning after the night before or, indeed, on any morning. My favourite occasion for a Bloody Mary is Christmas morning. I find it takes the edge off the stress of the day and after two or three I am not remotely upset if the turkey is dry.

Ask a dozen different folk for their recipe and, most likely, you will get a dozen different answers. Here is mine.


  • a really good vodka
  • dry sherry
  • good quality tomato juice
  • fresh horseradish
  • Tabasco
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • fresh ground pepper
  • salt
  • lemon
  • celery stalk (if you fancy)


  • a big glass
  • ice cubes
  • grater


  1. Pour the alcohol over the ice cubes (not crushed please! Oh, and quantity of alcohol depends on you and your liver). I would suggest you use at least two parts vodka to one part sherry (I prefer it at a three to one ratio).
  2. Add the tomato juice (quantity up to you but I double the alcohol).
  3. Then add a pinch of grated horseradish, a dash of Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce, a squeeze and then a wedge of lemon and, after I stir it, I add the salt and pepper. The celery is nothing more than an organic stirrer and a nibble for those who don’t like drinking on an empty stomach. I personally find it gets in the way.
Re: Bloody Mary

I’m one of the fortunate few to have tasted David’s version and I absolutely love it. The critical element is using Clamato brand tomato juice, the difference is night and day. Apparently in Canada this variation is known as a Bloody Caesar.

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Hats of to the author. This may be your Christmas morning drink, but to me nothing says Sunday brunch more than Bloody Mary and this is the best one I have ever made.

Definitely use clamato.

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