Mango Lassi

The lassi is a traditional drink in India that orginaly hails from the Punjab region in north. It is typically made by blending yogurt with water, spices and salt into a light frothy beverage. This … [more]

Garam Marsala (Wet Paste)

This a paste version of garam marsla . Itis great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Garam Marsala (Dry)

“Garam” is the Indian word for warm or hot. There are many variations of this blended spice and many families have their own blend. This spice blend is great for a variety of cooking. [more]


This is a form of clarified butter often found in Middle Eastern and Indian food. Originally made with buffalo milk, today it is often made with regular butter. Having a high smoke-point, it is great … [more]

Paratha - Indian Flatbread

I like flatbreads and for that matter, any fresh made bread. This goes great with traditional curries and chutneys, but this is great for just about any meal. [more]

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