Tasmania Pepper

Tasmania peppers are one of my favorite finishes when cooking meats. They are sun dried berries with a bold pepper taste that compliments steak , lamb and pork particularly well. In Los Angeles I get … [more]

Garam Marsala (Wet Paste)

This a paste version of garam marsla . Itis great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Garam Marsala (Dry)

“Garam” is the Indian word for warm or hot. There are many variations of this blended spice and many families have their own blend. This spice blend is great for a variety of cooking. [more]

Star anise

Star anise is similar in flavor to anise. It is a star-shaped (hence the name), dark brown pod which contains a seed in each of its segments. The pod is crushed to release its flavor. It is widely … [more]

Black cardamom

This is also known as brown cardamom and gets its distinctive, smoky flavor from being dried over open flames. Because its flavor is very different to the more commonly used Indian cardamom, one … [more]

Coriander (cilantro)

An aromatic plant native to the Mediterranean used both for its seeds and for its dark green leaves. The seeds can be used whole or ground and bear no resemblance in taste to the leaves. The tiny … [more]


Caraway is an aromatic plant in the parsley that is common to central and northern Europe. The seeds are particularly aromatic when dried and have a nutty anise flavor. Widely used in German and … [more]


One of the worlds most expensive spices (next to saffron and vanilla ). It is widely used in cooking in Scandinavian, Sri Lanka, India and Iran. Cardamom has a strong, intensely aromatic fragrance … [more]

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