Prawn carbonara

… A good glug of olive oil Juicy little prawns A touch of chili A squeeze of lemon Chopped fresh parsley Generous seasoning Italian spaghetti cooked to perfection Cream whisked with an egg yolk … [more]

Birthday Disaster

When i was nine, i wanted to make a cake for my grandmother’s birthday. My mum offered to help me but i wanted to make it on my own. Everything was going well, until the first bite was taken. I … [more]

Elmo Loves Crab Cakes!

Yesterday here in Baltimore, Maryland, it was a perfect day to welcome home a talented, Baltimore son and artist of world renown. Since ten years of age, this Turner’s Station performer has been … [more]

A poem by Billy Collins

Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate, shows us why we should be wary of comparing our lover to food and drink.—-Ted Litany You are the bread and the knife, The crystal goblet and the … [more]

Good fortune (without the leaves)

Angela left for Whole Foods yesterday to buy clementines for Chinese New Year. (The Chinese word for clementines is similar to luck , thus homes are filled with this fruit as a symbol of good … [more]

Making Cake on The Floor

A few years ago when my two boys were small, I think they were like 2 and 4 I was baking a cake in the kitchen. They were “helping.” About halfway into the recipe (one bowl Chocolate cake … [more]


The first time I ate a pluot (see Charlotte’s great recipe ) I figured it was an obscure plum from the South of France, pronounced ploo-oh . Subsequently I learned it is engineered and is a … [more]

Food Bloggers Welcome

The web is a fantastic place to find and communicate with like-minded people, but as a publisher you will know just how hard it is getting the right people to find you. The key to driving traffic on … [more]


According to the Scots there are only two things that can properly be added to whiskey. One, naturally enough is water, the other is more whiskey. I opt for sparkling water. Two slugs and I am in … [more]

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