Fudgy toffee brownies

These brownies have helped me to win friends and influcence people. Just ask any of my friends. Also, it might seem like a lot of steps but these are really easy and maybe the best brownies ever! [more]

Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies

My sister, Kim, from Missouri (pronounced Misery) first sent me these two years ago for the holidays. She claimed they were so easy to make, and everyone gobbled them up! She was right! They are … [more]

Carrot cake

This sweet and healthy treat is a birthday favorite for kids and parents alike in our household. But we hardly wait for birthdays to roll around to break out the cake pan. The kids love to help. … [more]

Chocolate bread pudding

It was Halloween, and all through the McManigal house creatures were stirring: superheros, princesses, monsters and such. It was a cold and spooky night of t-o-t in the Palisades. After gathering our … [more]

Chocolate-mint crusted cheesecake w/dollop of cranberries

I remember a time when Thanksgiving weekend involved snow, skiing, crisp & garlicky turkey (that was moist), stuffing, cranberries, etc. and to finish it all off, the cranberry cheesecake with … [more]

"Contraband" brownie

The defining moment of our friendship was when Ruth slipped me “contraband” — a small ziplock that she neatly tucked into my hand outside the scope of anyones view. It contained the … [more]

Queer plum cake

It’s not queer, plum or cake, but it is really easy and really good. Dads who are afraid of the kitchen, this one is for you. The kids love making this one too. So, what’s with the name? … [more]

Di's coconut cupcakes

In recent years, the cupcake made a huge comeback with Magnolia and the Barefoot Contessa on the east coast, and Joan’s on Third and Sprinkle’s in Los Angeles where I live. Our friends … [more]

Super Moist Banana Bread

At 12, when I was old enough to graduate from making jello desserts, banana bread was the first oven prepared dessert I attempted. Since then I have tried dozens of recipes, some cakey, some drier … [more]

Tangerine Sorbet

This recipe is to DIE for! And the whole family can participate in the preparation. Follow Option 2 for serving and you’ll impress and satisfy all your guests. Growing up, homemade ice cream … [more]

Oatmeal Choc Chip and Cranberry Cookies

I’ve fed these to big kids and little kids alike…so far its been smiles and fighting for the last one on the plate with this recipe. People seem to enjoy them fresh out of the oven plain … [more]

Baked apple

My father’s greatest love (beside his wife and children) is his garden. It is a wondrous place. From the kitchen window (the heart of the house) the garden beckons you. It sort of mirrors the … [more]

Blackcurrant semi freddo ice cream

We had some delicious blackcurrants when they were in season, but didn’t want to make jam or jelly - it seemed to take away the flavour too much, so we just cleaned them, softened them lightly … [more]

Brownies for brownies

This rainy weekend in September provides my daughter - and me - with her first experience of Brownie camp. To help it all go with a swing, and to keep the Brown Owls happy, we were asked to send … [more]

Leonard’s father’s day rolls

I made these rolls for my father-in-law, hence the name. I wanted to make something special that takes a little time and care (something different for this fast pace world). By letting them rise … [more]

Gooey Chocolate Puddings

This dessert can be prepared in advance and just left in the fridge until ready to cook. It is easy to make (I do it with my children) and absolutely delicious. It is best served with a small hole … [more]

Mint lime sorbet

The marriage of tart lime and cool mint can’t be beat this sorbet for a refreshing dessert or palate cleanser. [more]

Chocolate truffles

These truffles are easy to make, adored by children and adults, easy to make, kids love getting messy making them and then giving them as presents. [more]

Easy berry pie

My boyfriend is a musician. He was jammin’ with the boys in the studio. I fugured I ‘d get some brownie points and show up with fresh homemade pie for the gang. So I picked the plumpest … [more]

Chocolate souffle

Believe it or not, I don’t often crave chocolate. I leave that particular craving to women. There are a number of theses why women hunger for the dark stuff, my favourite being this. Progesterone, … [more]

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