Chocolate sauce

This is a very simple recipe that makes about 340ml (12 fl oz). You can use this hot or cold (it should keep for around a week in the refrigerator). [more]

Ice cream the easy way

The experienced ice cream connoisseur may prefer to make his or her custard-style concoction according to exacting specifications rigorously enforced by the zealous ice cream intelligentsia. I, on … [more]

Grandma's molasses krinkles

Grandma always had these cookies in a Tupperware Ham Saver located conveniently at my level, in the lowest kitchen cabinets (you rule grandma!). I would stealthfully acquire the cookies, grab my red … [more]

Fig Newton Bars

Fig newtons are best homemade. This is best when figs are in season. This makes about 35-40 cookies. [more]

drop sugar cookies

very simple + easy receipe. a slightly fluffy and chewy classic sugar cookie [more]

double chocolate chip cookie

a nice sophisticated alternative to the classic chocolate chip cookie. [more]

Tofu Dessert

i’m kind of amazed that a tofu could taste this good. :D it doesn’t even taste like tofu. [more]

Chocolate. Sweet. Good. Easy. Quick.

I always have problems in making desserts. Let´s be honest, I am just not too good at it. So I am always looking for easy to make desserts, and hoping the results looks and tastes superb, and still … [more]

Fruitlicious Dessert

This is delicious, colorful, and healthy. People ooh and aah when I serve it, even though it’s the most simple of desserts. At home, my kids and I fight over this one. We eat it often and in … [more]

Mango with Sticky Rice

I learned how to make mango with sticky rice when I was traveling around in Thailand this past December. It’s incredibly easy to make and tastes amazing! It’s always a big hit when I … [more]

Banana Bread

Our family loves this banana bread for breakfast, snacks, and desserts! [more]

Design-your-own cookies

This recipe is so much fun! Every one enjoys them and marvels at how it could be done. The magic in this recipe is you can make almost any design your imagination lets you. For this year’s … [more]

Stilton and honey stuffed chocolate-crusted grape

Voila! Finally a soupcon of a dessert that will adorn the most worthy of dinner tables. It is elegant, sophisticated and a worthy addition to your repertoire. Preparation and patience is key. Source … [more]

Escoffier's berry creme brulee

French cooking tends to involve much too much work for me to consider trying anything classically French at home. But recently I decided to set aside my preference for the simple and spend a day at … [more]

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