Harissa sauce

Harissa is a Moroccan condiment that is easy to prepare and goes great with vegetables and grilled meats. Yields aprox: 1.5 cups [more]

Spiced Tomato Chutney

Found this on Real Simple e-mail. [more]

Creamy salad dressing

I was asked to prepare a salad with a dressing that was a creamy-frenchy vinaigrette sort of thing . I am not the most creative when it comes to dressings (I nearly always opt for a balsamic and … [more]

Black barbecue sauce

There are so many variations on what can be called barbecue sauce, and so many of them are great. This one is pretty subtle with sweetness, edge and hint of smoke. Quantities are a guide. [more]

Lime and sesame dressing

A wonderfully smoky, zesty dressing that completely lifts a woodier salad such as one with bean sprouts, spinach or aubergine (egg plant). [more]

Lemon honey dressing

A very versatile dressing for salads. [more]

Orange Chili Oil

This is a smoky, citrus version of the Asian oil. This is great for general cooking and dim sum. Also goes great for salad dressings . [more]

Balsamic Glaze for Lamb

This is a wonderful glaze for when you are making lamb. I especially love it with rack of lamb , but it goes with well with any cut. [more]

Turkey Gravy

Here’s a simple gravy to go along with a holiday meal. [more]

Cranberry sage chutney

Here’s a cranberry sauce that will make the driest of birds taste great and take a perfectly done turkey to a whole new level. So whether you are planning a large holiday feast or simply … [more]

Tzatkiki Sauce

This sauce is great for dipping chicken , vegetables, and Lebanese bread to name but a few. It’s a favorite for holiday parties and buffets and is quick and easy to prepare. [more]

Blue cheese vinaigrette

I once was a professional cook. It seems ages ago and was but, it is still so fresh in my mind that I often drift back to those crazy times of making recipes for a few hundred people at a time. It … [more]

Salsa verde

This is a very basic salsa that can be used on just about anything. As a child I don’t think I ever went a day without seeing this salsa used in at least one meal. Whether it was mixed with … [more]

Rocket pesto

I make this in England and people get upset that my pesto has no basil in it. It’s not like there’s a rule that says pesto has to have basil in it . In fact, there are no rules in the … [more]

Spice Island Zinberry Sauce

Fall is here and cranberries and grapes are be being harvested just in time for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. This is a versatile cranberry sauce that is great with everything from pancakes ( sour … [more]

Special Salmon Sauce

This pungent, slightly tart sauce goes suprisingly well with salmon and does not overwhelm the fish’s taste. My mother-in-law obtained this recipe from my husband’s school cook book when … [more]

Traditional Red Curry Paste by Mortar and Pestle

Nothing like taking your frustrations out with a positive outcome! Great to have around the kitchen to experiment with. Will keep about a month refrigerated. [more]

Easy peasy pasta sauce

My wife made up this sauce for the kids which is pretty cool as she is usually a recipe by numbers kinda gal. They didn’t like any of the tomato sauces we purchased or any that I made — … [more]

Traditional salsa verde

Here’s a traditional Salsa Verde. It goes well with grilled steak, grilled pork, tacos, fish and as a dip with chips to name but a few possibilities. [more]

Roasted salsa verde

Salsa verde is one of my favorite sauces. I like roasting because it adds depth to recipe, but also adds flecks of black in finished product. It’s all about taste, who cares! makes approx. 3 … [more]

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