Black Velvet

It used to be that the world was divided into two distinct categories — those that politely sipped champagne and those who guzzled beer. But now there is a cocktail that combines the urbane … [more]

Prince of Wales Cocktail

With the festive season soon approaching and the champagne will flow. Here is a great cocktail for something different. [more]

Méthode Champenoise (Champagne Method)

This is a method for making Champagnes and some sparkling wines. First Fermentation: Still wines are blended (Cuveé, from the French term: “cuve” for “vat”) for Champagne. … [more]

Champagne-Chambord Cocktail

Want something a little different for celebrations? I always liked the combination of raspberries and champagne. Don’t forget the chocolate! [more]

Bellini cocktail

This is atributed to Giuseppi Cipriani, a bartender at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. A favorite of Ernest Hemingway and Noel Coward, it was inspired by a painting in the 1943 exhibition by … [more]

Champagne & shrimp risotto

This is a great, simple and delicious risotto recipe. It is easy to prepare provided you are willing to spend the 20 or so minutes required to be standing by the stove top stirring. But the results … [more]

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