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Muhammara: hot pepper dip

I think it’s important to choose your friends well. My father taught me from a young age that you need to look for certain qualities in friends: honesty, integrity, sense of humor, … [more]

Flourless chocolate cake (Passover friendly)

I loved my grandmother. I would get a crisp new bank note every time I kissed her, half a jelly baby for a treat (I might have choked on a whole one, apparently) and the best chicken soup in the … [more]

Ginger syllabub

This is a most English dessert. It’s light, easy to make and a lovely way to end a meal. I love stem ginger. It’s quite intense stuff so a little goes a long way. The juice in the jar is … [more]

Red chard with pickled stems

I probably have this all wrong, but I don’t care. This was one of my culinary triumphs. The challenge with chard comes from the fact that the leaves are wonderfully tender and cook in a minute … [more]

Seville orange marmalade

I recall a year between the Cuban Missile Crisis and Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon that was equally as dramatic: we ran out of marmalade. I come from a family of marmalade dependents. The … [more]

Succulent and easy Chinese beef and broccoli

She’s gonna to kill me, the missus. She says there are some things that are just too good to share. Culinary secrets, she calls them. But her broccoli and beef is too good not to share. After … [more]

Cuban pressed sandwich

“You better be hungry,” he says, holding back the door so I can leave the cold and the rest of the week behind me. “I am. And you better be serving me something more than a sandwich,” I … [more]

On a cold and frosty morning...

I love my mother’s porridge, despite the fact you can fill the cracks in your walls with it. She uses a generous pinch of salt for flavour and cooks it with water alone (milk can be added by … [more]

Halen Mon Spiced Sea Salt

Outstanding salt. In particular, the Spiced Sea Salt is a wonderful addition to just about any dish. [more]

Fennel and courgette soup

To me this soup is all about late September in England, that glorious time when the air is autumnal, the leaves are clinging on for dear life and the last whisper of summer does its best to warm the … [more]