Avocado on toast

This morning, while one of my daughters was tucking into the usual bowl of over-sugared cereal, another daughter chose an altogether healthier, and somewhat surprising, alternative. I watched as she … [more]

Avocado Ice Cream

I always like to try something different. This was a very good and interesting surprise. I always love to see the reactions of people before and after they try this. This recipe makes about 1 pint. [more]

East-West Apple Avocado Salsa

Talking to my brother-in-law in California, we were comparing notes about what was in season at the farmers markets on our respective coasts. The east coast is seeing the fall line-up: squashes, … [more]

The ultimate guacamole

Just like every other guacamole recipe mine is the ultimate. [more]


This dish is as simple as it is delicious. It’s so damn good that a friend whose in-laws are avocado farmers asked for the recipe. That’s no small deal as her in-laws are very proud of their … [more]

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