Lemon Basil Chicken

I totally forget the origins of this recipe other then someone in my family. I’d guess it came from a book, but it’s so simple and fast to make, once you’ve read it, you don’t … [more]

Grilled cheese- panini style

On a cold day when a little comfort is required there is nothing like a grilled cheese with tomato soup . Now there’s no right or wrong way to make grilled cheese, this is simply how I do it … [more]

Mesquite Grilled Middle Eastern Lavender Lamb

After finding this incredable Walnut Oil I searched high and wide for new recipes. I modified this marinade recipe I’ve had for years. It really makes the difference. [more]

Beet and walnut salad

I love farmers’ markets. This salad was an amalgam of some of the best things I found in my shopping bag following my last trip. [more]

Saturday Cowboy Chili (Chili con Carne)

I call this Saturday Cowboy Chili because I usually start this in the morning and let it cook for most of the day to tenderize the meat. After all, this is chili con carne, meaning chili with meat. I … [more]

Simple lamb shanks

I’ve just read David’s lamb shank recipe . Whilst I’m sure it is delicious as David’s food always is, I keep my lamb shanks really simple. [more]

Lamb shank with whatever

When I see lamb shank on a menu, I find it hard not to choose it. I love the way the meat clings on for dear life to the bone the way the last autumn leaf perilously holds on to the tree. I love the … [more]

London Broil

Okay, so this one is from a long lost book in my mothers kitchen (No idea which one any more). There’s lots of takes on what “London Broil” really is, I have no idea if this is the … [more]

Crispy pan fried red snapper

I first had this fish at a birthday dinner for my father-in-law who loves to eat good food. The chef who taught us how to prepare this dish promised that it was fast and easy to cook, and like him, … [more]

Rack of Lamb with Balsamic, Rosemary, and Pink Peppercorn Glaze

Here is a great way to cook a rack of lamb. The sweetness of the sugar and vinegar compliment the nuttiness and slight heat of peppercorns. [more]

Pork Chops in Bourbon, Cherry-Pomegranate Sauce

I had a chef friend who believed all you had to do to to be unique was adapt a cocktail to a food recipe. In a way, he was right. So in honor of him, this recipe is an adaptation of a Manhattan. [more]

Classic Chicken in Vinegar

A classic, French country recipe. The braising of chicken in vinegar helps tenderize as well as providing a delicious tang. [more]

Tomato sauce with Italian Sausage

There’s nothing more comforting than a good tomato sauce. Not only is this perfect for the GreatGrub style of pinch, touch, dash cooking, but also it is wide open to interpretation. I suspect … [more]

Roast beef (back to basics)

My sister, Clare, was exasperated this past New Year’s Eve when she failed to find a roast beef recipe for dinner at GreatGrub. She found one at another website that called for a maple syrup … [more]

Salmon Cakes Diablo

This recipe has a little more “zing” than the common salmon cake recipe. It is also baked, as opposed to fried. [more]

Arroz con pollo, Peruvian style

Arroz con Pollo, is one of my favorites dishes from my home country, Peru. I loved it so much that I learned how to make it very fast. My Grandmother was my inspiration in the kitchen. She used cook … [more]

Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki sauce

Ever the procrastinator in law school, I compiled a notebook with recipe clippings. My grades settled to the middle of the pack, but I graduated with one fantastic cookbook. I hope you enjoy this … [more]

South of the border beans and rice

Since Annika chose on her own to be a vegetarian for the first two years of her life, I found all kinds of yummy meatless dishes. Beans and rice together are a great protein; adding certain veggies … [more]

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Baby Back Ribs

I Love ribs but was always too fearful to try cooking them. I know what I like and it is difficult to find them. Neither my mother’s nor most restaurant’s made me want more. Then I … [more]

Gefilte fish

Contemporary Polish version The genesis of the name, which in German means stuffed fish , goes back to the time when this was actually a fact. I remember from my childhood the labororious way in … [more]

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