Papa a la Huancaina

This is a favorite for my son. He loves this plate. In my country we serve this with arroz con pollo. it is very easy to make. For 4 or 6 people. [more]

Porky pasta

My daughter eats everything. To keep her on her toes, I am trying out new dishes every chance I get. Thing is, I don’t have a lot of time. I just put together a pasta sauce with stuff we had in … [more]

Windows on the World Broiled Shrimp with Feta Cheese

One of the many losses to New York City and the world on 9-11 was a great restaurant called Windows of the World on the 107th floor of number one World Trade Center. At lunch time it was a club not … [more]

Steak au Poivre

I have seen this made with cream sauces and mushrooms but, sometimes simple is better. This is a traditional recipe and makes an intimate serving for two. [more]

Falafel (Egyptian)

This recipe takes a little longer to make than my “ quick falafel ” but, the difference in taste is worth the effort. This is made with fava beans but if you like a more traditional … [more]

Carolines Award Winning Baby Back Ribs - Memphis In May 1987

Back in the mid 80’s my baby sister got on a plane in Shannon (Ireland) and flew off to Memphis with her recipe for baby back ribs..arrived at “Memphis in May” and won first prize in her … [more]

Falafel (quick)

This is a classic Middle Eastern meze. This goes great with warm pita or flat breads served with tomatoes, cucumbers and Lemon-Tahini sauce. [more]

The perfect hamburger

For years I searched for the perfect hamburger. I tried every filler and spice known to man, but time and time again the results were lackluster at best. Then like so many good things, the answer … [more]

Just “2” Good Ribs

As with any ribs done right this will take a little time, but it is worth the investment. This recipe is a hybrid of many and it seems to work well. As for where the name came from, you will get a … [more]

Thai green curry (without coconut)

I’m allergic to to coconut, so I usually have to avoid this dish in restaurants, but one day I noticed a note on the bottom of the menu that said they could substitute soya milk for coconut … [more]

Ribeye Steak

I am a firm believer in letting the meat speak for itself. Steakhouses that hawk fancy sauces are places that I avoid. If they are famous for their sauce, then I must question why they are covering … [more]

Fill-Ya'-Boots Chili

Publishing this goes against my belief a little. No, I’m not talking about the “my chili is a family secret” nonsense, I just don’t think you can make a great chili by … [more]

semur hati ayam (soy sauced chicken's liver)

as a girl who live in a dorm for college,i have to eat everything that i can get.mostly, junk food. knowing that it’s unhealthy, i decided to make this easy Indonesian traditional recipe … [more]

Skirt steak with chimichurri sauce

This recipe works so well that it really needs no introduction. [more]

Tomato, Tofu & Macaroni (Vegan Mac & Cheese)

Everybody in the world needs some form of mac & cheese. It’s like serving a smile on a plate. My friend gave me this one to try. This will make about 4 servings. [more]

Tropical Curried Chicken Salad

This is a great fresh, tropical salad for brunch or light meal. The mixture of exotic fruits, curry, and a touch of honey make this a salad to remember. This will make about 4 servings. [more]

Pizza Dough (Crispy)

This is a great crispy pizza dough recipe. The secret to crispy crust: hot oven, thin uniform crust, and pre-baking. This recipe will make 2-14 inch pizzas. [more]

Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese

There are few dishes more comforting than macaroni and cheese and this recipe will bring a little comfort to the whole family. Adults and children seem to gobble this up. I frequently make this for … [more]

Chloe's Fish with Eyes

I love to eat fish with eyes. My papa’s friend David told me that some people love to eat the eyes, except I don’t. But I love the fish. Here’s how we make it. [more]

Catherine's King Ranch Chicken

This is a great casserole from my friend Catherine. It is easy to make on a Sunday and serve for dinner, then reheat for dinner later in the week. [more]

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