Black cod with miso

I first ate black cod at Nobu’s in the company of a really good chef. I had not tasted fish quite as delicate and delicious as this. How can anyone create such perfection? My chef friend, … [more]

Turkey Chili

This turkey chili is a family favorite that is a nice recipe for a cold night. It’s easy to make provided you have the time to let it simmer. [more]

Soft herring roe

My first solid food was herring roe (with pepper). What was my mother thinking? (Actually, if you want to know, check out her comment to me at the foot of my fish pie recipe.) DHA, short for … [more]

Sweet tooth Carbonara pasta

I’ve always been a fan of pasta and the mind boggling variety of sauces possible. Carbonara is one of my favorite for the creamy, savoury, funghi and pork explosion with the first mouth-full. … [more]

My cousin Stew

This is a really easy to make one pot dish, that tastes great. Even my mother-in-law begrudgingly admitted to liking it, as she asked for another bowl. Added bonus is that it makes the house smell … [more]

finger-lickin' chicken

Eating often interrupted playing when I was younger (unlike now where each part of my day revolves around where to order our next meal). This chicken, updated slightly from my mom’s recipe, has … [more]

Popcorn chicken nuggets

We pretend it’s for the kids…but, Joel and I love this one! [more]

Perfect turkey meatloaf

A friend of mine made me this meatloaf one night for dinner. I loved it, so, I asked her for the recipe. When I made this for my kids, I found a couple of kid flaws (jalapenos, etc.) so, I refined … [more]

Cece's crispy chicken

When I married Mike I worked all the time and didn’t have a clue how to cook. As I began to get a clue, I got a little more adventurous but only with very simple ingredients. This recipe is so … [more]

Fusilli with hot sausage and fennel

We have made this recipe many times, in fact, if you have been to our house for dinner, chances are you have had it. The kids don’t like it so spicy so I will substitute sweet italian sausage … [more]

Greek roasted halibut

I am addicted to buying cookbooks. This recipe is a happy amalgamation. It’s delicious, healthy and pretty easy to prepare. The accompanying corn salsa can take the place of preparing a … [more]

Flaming chicken fajitas

I know it is a bit odd a Brit publishing a fajitas recipe, but this is the result of many years of extensive research both in restaurants and on the Web. Fajitas are a very serious business. I think … [more]

Chicken cutlets

The first time my eldest daughter wrote her name, it was with her finger in my breadcrumbs - or so she claimed. Besides impromptu spelling lessons, my kids love to help prepare this dish. They get to … [more]

Sole with beurre blanc

My father and I often take a day trip to France. We set out early in the morning from North London and drive onto a train in Folkestone for the 20 minute channel tunnel crossing. A couple of hours in … [more]

Rack of lamb with port

Were you to ask my children to describe their favourite dinner, it would be rack of lamb with roast potatoes . Despite its cost (and it is expensive), their mother and I make sure they have it on a … [more]

Chicken and rice

This was the first thing I learned to cook. In fact for a while it was the only thing I knew how to cook. I used to make all sorts of variations on it. Whenever we had leftover roast meat of any kind … [more]

Carbonara alla Angela

Some years ago, I travelled to Northern Italy with my daughters (they were three at the time). We stayed in a wonderful, 15th century villa not far from Verona. It was my first time in Italy, and I … [more]

Beef Stroganoff (non-bourgeois)

Stroganoff was named after a Russian diplomat Count Paul Stroganov. Traditionally it is made with tender cuts of beef, such as filet, but in this recipe let’s try to be a little more realistic. … [more]

Fish pie

My mother was insistent that my siblings and I ate plenty of fish in our formative years. Apparently my first solid food was cod roe which she thought helped brain development. I don’t know about … [more]

Korean chap jae

Chap jae is a fairly simple and versatile dish that most people find delicious, even if they don’t like other more fragrant korean dishes such as kim chee. You can make it without meat, if … [more]

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