Betsy Ross Cocktail

This is a great digestive after a nice meal. [more]


A small town in Western France, it gives it name to arguably the most well-known brandy. For any bottle to carry the name, it must hail from a small region surrounding the town Furthermore, it must … [more]

Meyer Lemon Sidecar

If there is a classic cocktail that needs to be made at home, it’s this one. Proper measuring and a ripe Meyer lemon are a must. If you’re stubborn and you try to order this at a bar (and … [more]

Sidecar (sweet)

Here’s a drink that took me a delightful period of trial and error to master. Now purists such as David Embury insist that a sidecar should not be too sweet. I agree with that sentiment when … [more]

Hot toddy

There is nothing good about having a dreadful cold and feeling like flu is about take its hold on you. Well, this drink perhaps is the only good thing about being sick, provided you have a loved one … [more]

Sidecar (traditional)

Attributed to Harry of Harry’s New York Bar, Paris, France. Named for a Captain that arrived in a chauffer-driven motorcycle with sidecar, just after the First World War. [more]

Brandy Alexander (traditional)

The Alexander was originally a gin based drink but over time has morphed into Brandy cocktail. Known to be a favorite of John Lennon, this is a great after-dinner drink. [more]

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