Daging Dendeng / Empal ( Sour Sweet fried Beef )

This is the easiest Indonesian traditional tenderloin recipe - at least for me. I don’t know if the whole spices are available in other country. [more]

Pistachio-Miso Crusted Salmon

Is one whom eats fish, and only fish, as of recently from complete vegetarianism…still a vegetarian? THAT is the question. In the process of my many recent experimentations with fish…this … [more]

A Taste of Sicily (arnos grove style)

I’d decide to stay. It was a risk I was willing to take for the greater good. I’m not a fan of fish, never have been, not since I ate an anchovy stuffed olive by accident when I was five. 21 … [more]

Chicken Florentine

This is a creamy, rich, flavorful chicken dish which is easy to make and easy to eat. I like to pair it with some egg-noodle linguini or other plain pasta. For best results, I marinate the chicken in … [more]

Short-rib ragu

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” my father tells me every time I do something that reminds me of him. I am not too dissimilar and there is little doubting I am my father’s son, so I … [more]


If there was a temple for lasagne, I would worship there as a devotee on a regular basis. (You can read more about my devotion to it here ). It is one of the most comforting of all foods, in my … [more]

Grandma’s Corn Flake Chicken (Revisited)

I say “revisited” because this is oven baked and a few revisions have been made. I use Dijon mustard instead of the bright yellow mustard that my grandmother used (she must have liked yellow, … [more]

Simply spaghetti

I was in Tuscany in a place of dreams. It was summer and, even though the sun had gone, it was still as warm as England’s hottest day. I sat on a terrace wondering if any view could be more … [more]

Eggy mash

I was a sickly lad. “The runt of the litter” my dad would often say. It was true that my three older siblings were much bigger than me, but that seemed reasonable enough given their extra … [more]

Pasta with Prawns

The other night I asked my daughter what we should make for dinner. We had guests coming over and I wanted to enlist her help. She is nearly six, but pretty good in the kitchen. She started with … [more]

Asparagus Pasta

Serves 2 large appetites, or 4 small ones [more]

Spanish paella

This is a classic Spanish dish which has so many varieties that you can be creative and stray somewhat authentic. It is a staple in my cooking when I have to feed a large group. You can make this on … [more]

Birthday paella

For my daughters first birthday we were having about 30 adults and 10-15 children. I decided to make paella which is a dish that goes a long way and is festive and great to look at. This is a classic … [more]

Crisp Fried Shrimp

Succulent shrimp wrapped in wonton skins, then deep-fried, make a lasting impression on the fussiest of guests… [more]

Steamed Hoisin Pork Dumplings

These succulent little dumplings have an absolute air of sophistication… [more]

Fried Rice with Prawns

Hello everybody, Here is a Chinese accompaniment which is probably one of the most popular of all…. give it a try! [more]

Thanksgiving Turkey or Chicken

Hi guys! - I’m back from my travels, which means it’s time for some more recipe videos… Here’s one that gives you something different from the regular roast turkey, without … [more]

Chesapeake Boiled Turkey with Chestnut Sauce

Here is a historical alternative for cooking a turkey. I’ve cooked turkeys in the traditional manner and have even deep-fried them with my brother in North Carolina but this one is interesting. … [more]

Charie’s Vegetarian Quiche

The credit for this amazing quiche recipe goes to my Godmother Charie MacDonald. Mix in any fillings you like. My fave is the spinach and gruyere. Enjoy!! [more]

Balsamic heirloom tomato pizza

The season for heirlooms has grown longer with the rising popularity of these delicious tomatoes. That means more pizza making opportunity. In the spirit of improvisation, I have come up with this … [more]

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