Heirloom Bloody Mary

To be honest with you I have never been a huge fan of the Bloody Mary but I loved the look of it so I started experimenting with the drink and I finally came up with one that I love!! I have made it … [more]

San Valentino

This drink is credited to Proseccheria’s in New York City. This is a great variation of a Bellini. Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine that is crisp and clean. It’s a bubbly that’s easy on … [more]

Black-Eyed Susan Cocktail

This is the traditional drink of the Preakness stakes. This is served at the Pimlico race track. It is the drink of choice for the Black-Eyed Susan and Preakness Stakes. [more]

Mint Julep

This is the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby. The traditionalists always serve in silver Julep cups. [more]

Belmont Breeze Cocktail

This has been the drink of the Belmont Stakes since 1998 and is credited to Dale DeGroff. The traditional drink was the White Carnation . [more]

White Carnation Cocktail Recipe

This was the traditional drink of the Belmont, as served up until 1997. It was replaced in 1998 by the Belmont Breeze . [more]


This is a traditional chaser for tequila. Sangrita literally means, “little blood”. This recipe makes about 1 quart. [more]


Here’s a cocktail for those who need a little something extra to get them through the Easter holiday. [more]

The Uptown Cosmopolitan

Here’s a cosmopolitan for special occasions where only the finest ingredients and formal presentation will suffice. I don’t specify a vodka because there are so many wonderful choices. It … [more]

Meyer Lemon Sidecar

If there is a classic cocktail that needs to be made at home, it’s this one. Proper measuring and a ripe Meyer lemon are a must. If you’re stubborn and you try to order this at a bar (and … [more]


My favorite uncle when I was a little boy was Snowball, thus called because of his full head of snow white hair. He was very, very old. But he was among my (and my siblings) favorite of relatives. He … [more]

Champagne-Chambord Cocktail

Want something a little different for celebrations? I always liked the combination of raspberries and champagne. Don’t forget the chocolate! [more]

Cable Car

This is a signature drink at the famous Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. [more]

Cosmopolitan Cocktail (basic)

This is a popular drink to start almost any occassion. [more]


There is nothing like a good mojito. A wonderful drink anytime fresh mint is available. [more]

Sake Vodka Martini

I was first introduced to this incredible libation at a sushi restaurant in Boston. Rather than vermouth, the bartender substituted sake and instead of olives, a thin slice of cucumber was floating … [more]

Sidecar (sweet)

Here’s a drink that took me a delightful period of trial and error to master. Now purists such as David Embury insist that a sidecar should not be too sweet. I agree with that sentiment when … [more]

Pimm's Number 1 Cup

British summers… strawberries and cream, punting at Oxford (go, look it up), 5-day cricket matches and that most qunintessential of English refreshments, Pimm’s (formally known as … [more]

Mexican Caesar Cocktail

I’m a big fan of the Caesar , but being from Southern California I couldn’t resist substituting tequila for vodka. Et tu Brute? Not that I loved vodka less, but I loved tequilla more. The … [more]

Caesar clamato cocktail

Don’t dismiss this Canadian pick-me-up as a Bloody Mary with clam juice. Okay… Okay… Maybe it is just a Bloody Mary with clam juice. But it’s so much more! Originally, this drink was a true … [more]

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