Mulled wine

This is a traditional British drink that’s perfect for warming yourself and any guests on chilly days. It’s typically served during the holiday season in Britain, and makes a delicious … [more]

Hot toddy

There is nothing good about having a dreadful cold and feeling like flu is about take its hold on you. Well, this drink perhaps is the only good thing about being sick, provided you have a loved one … [more]

Sidecar (traditional)

Attributed to Harry of Harry’s New York Bar, Paris, France. Named for a Captain that arrived in a chauffer-driven motorcycle with sidecar, just after the First World War. [more]


Published in bartenders’ guides as early as 1880s. It basically is a whisky cocktail with the addition of vermouth. [more]

Singapore Sling (original)

Initially intended as a woman’s drink, the original was created by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender at Raffles Hotel, Singapore (1915). Now very popular and enjoyed by all, it was a favorite of the … [more]

Planter’s Punch (original)

This drink was created to celebrate the opening of the Myer’s Rum Distillary (1879), Jamica. [more]

Whiskey Sour (traditional)

Derives from the original 1850’s -Brandy Sour. Sours can be made with any spirit in which the fruit juices produce the “sour”. [more]

Tom Collins (traditional)

Originally attributed to John Collins, a headwaiter at Limmer’s, a hotel and coffee house on Conduit Street, London (1790-1817). The name changed when a bartender used a sweeter London gin (Old Tom … [more]

Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is a cousin to the Collins, the difference is that it is always shaken, not built. [more]

Gimlet (traditional)

Named after a small boring tool that was used to tap holes into cask and barrels. Far from being a “boring” pre-dinner drink, it is quite sharp. [more]

Brandy Alexander (traditional)

The Alexander was originally a gin based drink but over time has morphed into Brandy cocktail. Known to be a favorite of John Lennon, this is a great after-dinner drink. [more]

Black Russian

This drink reached its height of popularity in the 1950’s. It is still a popular after-dinner drink. [more]

Bellini cocktail

This is atributed to Giuseppi Cipriani, a bartender at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. A favorite of Ernest Hemingway and Noel Coward, it was inspired by a painting in the 1943 exhibition by … [more]

Vodka Martini

Similar to its cousin, the gin martini but with vodka and is shaken. I find it is the ideal cocktail to cap the end of long week and kick off a leisurely weekend. [more]


Named for American artist Charles Dana Gibson at the Player’s Club in New York, NY in 1940. Rumor has it the bartender ran out of olives when making a martini so he used a peal onion. The onion … [more]

Gin Martini (traditional)

This is a traditional martini that is stirred with just a fragrance of vermouth. [more]

Gin and tonic

This was not one of my preferred cocktails, but after a recent dinner party where g and t’s were served to one and all, I was converted. Everyone claims to know how to make a gin and tonic. I … [more]

Bloody Mary

There is nothing quite like a Bloody Mary the morning after the night before or, indeed, on any morning. My favourite occasion for a Bloody Mary is Christmas morning. I find it takes the edge off the … [more]

Simple margarita

“What the hell do the British know about margaritas?” That was my first thought when my Welsh born brother-in-law offered to make the margaritas for my daughter’s second birthday party. … [more]

Striking Writer Martini

Here’s an idea for all of you mourning the cancellation of the Golden Globes. Put on a fancy dress or a tuxedo to suit your gender, mix this fabulous cocktail and toast both the absent victors … [more]

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