Bitter Martini

The martini wasn’t always the dry creature that it is today. Perhaps it has suffered its only little variant of global warming, becoming increasingly parched with the passing of time. Here is a … [more]

Banana Margarita

This is another exciting variation of the simple margarita. I call for Lena which is a banana flavoured liqueur. There are other banana liqueurs on the market which you can use as well. [more]

Prince of Wales Cocktail

With the festive season soon approaching and the champagne will flow. Here is a great cocktail for something different. [more]

Margarita (easy master recipe)

There are a lot of variations on the simple margarita and it can be confusing at times. Here is the simple trick: match the liqueur to the fruit or visa-versa. [more]

Rigermortis Halloween Cocktail

A Drink to Die For The Rigermortis is a good, “stiff” drink that has the power to lay you out, stone cold, on the floor. (Well, it will if you drink too much of this delicious milkshake-like … [more]

Piña Colada

Real men may not drink Piña Coladas — at least not in public. There is something about this creamy concoction that simply can’t be dismissed as another frilly sweet drink. So when the … [more]


Although James Bond would never order this metrosexual martini, there are plenty of John Dorian types who consider this to be a man’s drink. I think Dorian is a pretty funny guy, and every once … [more]

Harvey Wallbanger

Rumor has it that this cocktail is named after a drunken surfer circa 1950 who after wiping out of the big surf competition, drowned his sorrows with in this screwdriver with the addition of Galliano … [more]

Madras Vodka Cranberry Cocktail

This is a great drink that always reminds me of summer. In fact, it looks like a memorable sunset. [more]

Between the Sheets Cocktail

A great aperitif for any dining occasion this drink is a variation of the popular sidecar . [more]

Betsy Ross Cocktail

This is a great digestive after a nice meal. [more]

Vanilla/Lime Martini

This is a variation of a Key lime Martini. I like this one with the vanilla infused vodka and no milk based product often found in some Key Lime Martinis. [more]

Fluffy Duck

I have had some request for this cocktail. Granted, the name probably could use some re-vamping but your not going to forget this one. After you taste this cocktail, you’ll be plucking these drinks … [more]

3-2-1 Margarita

This is what I understand to be the traditional margarita. The Cointreau works as a natural sweetener eliminating the need for sugar or simple syrup. Some will argue that this cocktail is more … [more]

The Definitive Margarita

This is the definitive Margarita recipe. It is potent and perfect, using a fool-proof 3-2-1 ratio. [more]

Uptown Margarita

I am a huge fan of the simple margarita so much so that over time I have evolved the recipe into a whole new kind of margarita — one that is as simple as it is elegant. This drink is built upon … [more]


Mixed properly this makes a nice green cocktail, like the name implies. [more]

The Mexican Currant

A surprisingly great taste of black currant and tequila. Great with grilled foods. [more]

Cuban Peach

You don’t have to be a hot-blooded Latino to enjoy the simple pleasure of the sweet Cuban Peach. This rum, peach brandy, and lime cocktail makes for a great tag-a-long for the last trip to the … [more]

Mandarin and Honey Caipirinha

This is a great fruity, summer drink with a Brazilian flair of Cachaça. [more]

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